XHunger has rolled out its new XHunger Scholarship for high school and college students. This scholarship was created to assist students in advancement of their future. There will be ten $1,000 XHunger scholarships granted for high school or college students who qualify.
XHunger understands the importance of building leaders in the community and exposing students to leadership opportunities that allow them to give back and contribute to the their local communities. XHunger club members have the opportunity not only lead but to develop soft skills that will benefit them the rest of their lives.

How do students qualify for the XHunger Scholarship?
It’s simple, there are 3 ways. Start a XHunger Club, Join a XHunger Club, or Collaborate with an existing food initiative at your school.

( 1 ) Join an XHunger Club at your school - or start an XHunger Club.
Being in a XHunger Club is the first qualification to be eligible for the XHunger Scholarship. (If you’re starting a club, start with you until you build your crew). For more details on starting a club visit or Collaborate with an existing event or project within your school that furthers the mission of XHunger “to end hunger in America” (all collaboration initiatives submit their collaboration requests on the page.

( 2 ) Follow @XHungerHead over to Instagram and follow our account HERE

( 3 ) Learn about XHunger and our mission.
Identify who/what organization the event or project helps

( 4 ) Jump in and help Club Tasks
Identify the tasks the club wants to help with and identify a few friends or volunteers to help.

( 5 ) Get Involved.
Cross market/collaborate for the event as an XHunger event/ project

( 6 ) Share Your Journey.
Share on social media and tag @Xhunger

( 7 ) Tag and Get Others Involved.
Tag each volunteer and have them follow XHunger to become eligible for the scholarship

It’s that easy!! Why should anyone in America be hungry? Start a club, Join a club, or Collaborate today with