help end hunger in america!

It is a lofty goal, but have you ever asked where is my next meal coming from? Over 33 million people in America ask that question every day.

Hunger is a chronic health issue that affects our neighbors, friends, and family members. What new decisions are you making with the rising cost of food today?

We all know hunger exists, but what can be done? It is difficult to locate the right organization to support and work with. So, the question is: What is doing to Help End Hunger in America? is building a student-based group of volunteers in high schools and colleges across the country to help food banks, pantries, and other nonprofit organizations feed the hungry.

We’ve been fighting hunger for 13 years and have helped local pantries and organizations work to meet their funding and volunteer goals. Unfortunately, the need continues to rise.

goals to have a greater impact:


Have accessible in every county in the U.S. by the end of 2027.

Impact – An organized volunteer base of high school and college students providing pantries the opportunity to serve more people with food insecurity issues.


Help reduce the 10.2% food insecurity rate in America.

Impact – Student volunteers can help in the distribution of food that will help reduce the number of families and individuals in need.


Inspire current and future generations to be community minded by having firsthand experience and leading others to do the same.

Impact – Utilizing the XHunger School Club, students will have the opportunity to volunteer where needed – in their own communities. They will earn necessary service hours and develop leadership skills.To accomplish these goals, we offer a unique program with the opportunity to support and donate.

Help build the XHunger School Clubs across America and help send students to their local pantries to serve those in need.

Your donation will support the recruitment and maintenance of each club. No XHunger School Club student pays dues. Their focus is on serving food pantries and working for volunteer service hours. As an XHunger Movement donor, we also ask for your help in spreading the word about and help us reach our goal of being accessible in every county in the U.S. by the end of 2027.

Choose one of the options below, and help end hunger in America:

Plus, we need you to:

• Get 2 or more of your friends to do the same thing and Join the Movement with you!

• Get 2 high school or college students to create or join an XHunger club in your area!

As a Thank You for your generosity in becoming an XHunger Movement donor, you will receive an XHunger T-Shirt and Welcome Packet that will show your support and help spread the message of ending hunger in America. Please share it on your social media sites. is the dba of the Scarecrow Foundation, Inc. a 501©3 organization. All donations are deemed tax-deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer.